What’s Paxmoo-Invest.?

Paxmoo-Invest offers investors a unique opportunity to generate higher profits and investment returns on a daily basis. As an integral part of Paxmoo’s suite of services, Paxmoo-Fund has been in operation for the past four years, providing investors with eight distinct investment packages tailored to suit individual preferences and financial goals. These packages are differentiated based on investment amount, profit percentage, investment return period, withdrawal time, and profit balancing speed.

What Sets Paxmoo-Fund Apart?

Paxmoo-Invest operates with a distinctive approach that adheres to both Haram and Halal principles, ensuring ethical investment practices. Upon initiating an investment, the accrued profits begin to reflect in the investor’s account balance, with the profit accumulation rate varying according to the invested amount. One can easily create an account and explore a demo investment to understand the mechanics.

The primary hallmark of Paxmoo-Invest lies in its daily distribution of investment returns to investors. For instance, if an investor commits $100 for a contract period of 50 days with a daily profit of $0.5, they would receive a total of $2.5 per day ($2 as the investment return and $0.5 as the daily profit). Consequently, by the end of the 50-day contract, the investor would have received their initial investment of $100 along with an additional $25 in profits, totaling $125.

Moreover, the payout structure ensures that investors receive their profits promptly, with payments being made on a second-by-second basis. While profit percentages may vary slightly across different investment packages, the reliability and timeliness of profit disbursement remain consistent.

At the conclusion of the contract period, investors have the option to reinvest with Paxmoo-Fund, further leveraging their investment potential and exploring ongoing opportunities within the platform.

In essence, Paxmoo-Invest represents a transparent and efficient investment avenue, where investors can reap daily rewards while aligning with ethical investment principles.

Packages Investment Amount Profit % Per Month Daily Investment Return Daily Profit Pay Total Pay Per Day Contract Period
Basic 50 USD 2% – 2.3% 0.13 USD 0.035 USD 0.165 USD 365 Days
Standard 100 USD 3% – 3.4% 0.27 USD 0.10 USD 0.37 USD 365 Days
Plus 500 USD 4% – 4.4% 1.36 USD 0.70 USD 2.06 USD 365 Days
Advanced 1,000 USD 5% – 5.6% 2.73 USD 1.76 USD 4.49 USD 365 Days
Premium 5,000 USD 8% – 9% 6.84 USD 14.16 USD 36.84 USD 730 Days
Elite 50,000 USD 11% – 12% 68.49 USD 191.66 USD 260.15 USD 730 Days
Pro 500,000 USD 13% – 14% 684.93 USD 2,250 USD 2,934.93 USD 730 Days
Master 1000,000 USD 17% – 18% 1369.86 USD 5,833.33 USD 7,203.19 USD 730 Days

Please be advised: Our maximum contract period is two years for security reasons. If you wish to continue the investment for a longer term, you can reinvest it again and continue.