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Explore secure and straightforward Bitcoin earning on Earth through our complimentary 1 STAR trial. All you need to do is register with us, assess your daily income using our free STAR, and choose to invest if you find our trial satisfactory.

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Welcome to Paxmoo – Your Trusted Partner in Investment and Cryptocurrency Services!

Established in 2018, Paxmoo embarked on a journey as a news blogger, investment service, and crypto miner reseller in Australia. Over the years, we have achieved significant success in both our blogging endeavors and the buying and selling of cryptocurrency mining machines. However, in 2013, with the launch of Ethereum 2.0, the landscape of cryptocurrency mining underwent a substantial transformation. The mining industry experienced a significant downturn, with sales plummeting by 80%. In response to these changes, we made the strategic decision to cease our miner machine buy and sell service. Despite this shift, we remained committed to our core offerings of investment services and continued blogging.

  • At Paxmoo, we understand the importance of trust and reliability in the investment landscape. To accommodate our investors, we facilitate the purchase of stars as an entry point for investments. With potential profits of up to 15% every month, Paxmoo stands out as a lucrative and secure option for those seeking financial growth.
  • Choose Paxmoo for a seamless and rewarding investment experience. Join us on this journey, and let's build a prosperous future together.
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Cryptocurrency is digital currency secured by cryptography and operates on decentralized networks like blockchain. Stay updated on the latest crypto news, market trends, and technological advancements on our blog page. Learn about buying, storing, and trading cryptocurrencies, and engage with the community to stay informed and make informed decisions in this rapidly evolving space.


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Explore, sign up with your email address, and witness the automatic addition of your complimentary STAR to your account, initiating immediate profit generation. Take advantage of our FREE account to evaluate our platform, and if you find satisfaction, consider investing further. Our user-friendly and intuitive platform ensures a seamless experience for all users.

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Paxmoo currently has over 1,200+ active users and the user base continues to grow rapidly.


Paxmoo prioritizes security with advanced SSL encryption for enhanced protection.

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Earn passive income by promoting Paxmoo to your network. You can withdraw your referral earnings at any time

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We employ cutting-edge technologies tailored to the latest generation, and all aspects are safeguarded by Paxmoo experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that might provide you with the information you need. We have tried to include solutions to a wide range of issues in this section. If you are unable to find a solution to your question here, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us.

How can I start using paxmoo?

One-click investment is easy to use. Simply register with your email address and enter to start using your free 1 STAR balance account. Once you registered with your email address, your account will be created. We've allocated an additional 1 STAR in your account to each account to observe its functionality. Take your time, test our services, Invest your bitcoin, If you are satisfied only.

What's the contract period for the deposit?

Your investment contract is valid for a period of 8 years. After this time, your profit will cease. If you wish to continue investing, you will need to invest in new contract.

What is the percentage of profits generated by investing here?

On average, you can expect to earn a profit of 15-25% per month on your deposit.

What is the timing for the support team?

You can reach our support team anytime, 24/7*365 by email. Our 24/7 Support email address is

What is the expected time frame for the withdrawal to be received in our wallet if we make a request?

The minimum time required for a withdrawal to be processed is 1 minute, and the maximum is 24 hours. However, we will make every effort to send the withdrawal as soon as possible, with a target of completing the withdrawal within 5 minutes and Due to higher volume of withdrawal requests, You are limited to making a single withdrawal daily.

How to delete my account?

Users are unable to delete their own accounts. However, if an account remains inactive for 3 months, it will be subject to termination without prior notice.

What is the maximum number of withdrawals that can be made in a day?

You are limited to one withdrawal per day

What is the process for withdrawing profits?

Just log in to your account, head to the withdrawal page, enter your Bitcoin address, specify the withdrawal amount, and click 'Enter'. You'll have the funds in your account within 5 minutes.

What's the minimum deposit amount?

We will provide 1 STAR for free in your account (1 STAR = 0.00030 BTC). If you want to increase your investment capabilities, you will need to make a deposit in bitcoin. Our minimum deposit amount is 1 STAR, that mean 0.00030 BTC."

Can i increase the contract period?

No, it is not possible to extend the duration of your contract. Our contract period is fixed at 8 years for all investments. If you want to continue investing after your contract expires, you will need to invest in new contract.

Can i cancel the contract in the middle of the contract period?

It is only possible to cancel your contract within the first 7 days of the contract period. After this time, it is no longer possible to cancel the contract. If you wish to cancel your contract within the first 7 days, you may send an email to We will process the cancellation of your contract within 24 hours and return the funds to the wallet associated with your login address.

What are the withdrawal charges?

The fee for withdrawals will be $2. Please note that this charge may be subject to change in the future.

Can I earn from affiliate marketing?

Our affiliate marketing program is open to all, regardless of experience. We offer a commission of 3% for referring new users to our platform. If an individual you refer makes an investment, you will receive a 3% commission on their investment amount.

Are there any limitations on investments made on does have a set target for investments. Once we reach that target, we will no longer accept new investments. We will notify all users in advance of closing the investment opportunity.


Our Partners

We currently have five partners from various marketplaces, which is growing daily. Our main focus is to provide the best solutions and quality, so we are proceeding cautiously.